June - Aug 2022

Lau Choi Kee Papers Co., Ltd

In the beginning, under the leadership of my colleagues, I spent three days understanding and operating the different processing procedures of plastic, waste paper and polyfoam.

After understanding, I discussed and exchanged opinions with supervisor Jackson. We believe that the processing method of plastic still has great potential because the current sorting process is still manual sorting to remove impurities. He said that we can try to combine today's advanced technology to improve the company's existing traditional processing methods.

I combined the ideas provided by Jackson with the various information I collected and learned later and finally targeted the plastic automatic sorting machine. On the one hand, I started to contact different cooperative manufacturers to discuss the most suitable solution for the company's actual situation and to understand the quotation. On the other hand, I investigated and compared different recycling funds in Hong Kong. In the end, I matched this project with the recycling fund of the Enterprise Support Programme - Standard Project and planned to apply for a recycling fund of 1 million to support this project. Before the end of the internship period, I submitted the completed application form and related documents to the Recycling Fund Secretariat for approval.

At the same time, I was mainly responsible for the second annual survey of the company's plastic recycling pilot scheme-Sha Tin and the final report. In addition, I also assisted my colleague in writing tender documents and partially participated in the undertaking of the polyfoam processing project at the West Kowloon Waste Transfer Station.

The three-month internship brought me into the environmental recycling industry in Hong Kong, allowing me to truly integrate the knowledge I learned in school with real life. However, during the internship, I also found that there are still many problems to be considered and dealt with in terms of garbage collection and resource recycling in Hong Kong. I will take these questions into the next semester of study.