Fei Liu Fei Liu
Zheng Yixian(鄭弋嫻)
2021-22 Graduate

Environmental engineer in Jiangsu Academy of Environmental Industry and Technology Corp.

It is a great honour to have the opportunity to do this graduation sharing. Time flies, it has been one year since I graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a degree in EPHM. Although this year is short, I treasure it very much! I chose the EPHM programme because my undergraduate major is Environmental Science, and I hope to continue to study environment-related subjects and work in an environment-related field in the future. First of all, the EPHM programme covers a wide range of subjects such as water environment, solid waste, soil, ecology, etc., which can help us to deepen our knowledge of the environment and provide us with a variety of directions for future employment. We have supervisors who are very professional in various fields of the environment, and my supervisor, Dr Jun Zhao, is an excellent supervisor with professionalism and practicality in teaching, and has given me a lot of guidance and advice in my study life and job choices.

I recommend you to apply for the EPHM programme at Hong Kong Baptist University!