Fei Liu Fei Liu
Wen Quan
2017-18 Graduate

Physical and chemical testing technician in CDC(Center for Disease Control and Prevention) of Futian District, Shenzhen.中级理化检验技师, 深圳市疾病预防控制中心

I am fortunate to study in EPHM. In this program, I have learned a lot about basic knowledge of public health, such as epidemiology and toxicology, which have made great sense on my current work in CDC. It also made me got trained in research methodology, from how to design the improving experiment to how to obtain the conclusion from the processed data. Moreover, I have received the friendship from classmates. I will never forget the support and encouragement from the teachers of the programme. What I have experienced in EPHM is beautiful and unforgettable and best wishes to the EPHM program and all the teaching stuffs in this program!